Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall's in the Air----

Fall has arrived in North Mississippi. This morning the temp was 44. The leaves
are changing and the cool crisp air is really nice. Yesterday I had a pot of
chili cooking for dinner. Great for a cool night.
Today, John goes back to work after his surgery 2 weeks ago. I know he was
ready to get back on his schedule.
I forget to post last week that both Katie and Jacob made Honor Roll on their
report cards- Yea- I'am so proud of both of them.
I want to take the kids out this weekend and get some fall pictures of them
and that is only if they will coorporate. At this age is hard to do photos with
them. Oh and before I forget-- Jacob wore the right shirt to make Mom happy.
The DAWGS stomped LSU- Sorry Dad!

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