Wednesday, November 18, 2009

movies ....movies

this is the big weekend for us "twilight" freaks! yes , I am one of them.

I will not be attending the midnight showing tomorrow night! no, I can wait till the weekend to see it. I hope its as good as I want it to be.
Also Katie and I will be going to see this new movie that opens up Friday too.

This movie is a true story about a Memphis couple who takes in this homeless boy and
and he plays football at Ole Miss and goes on to play professional football. Sandra Bullock and Tim Mcgraw star as this couple. did I mention Tim Mcgraw- oh yes that in its self is worth going to see- ha ha

this is a picture of the real couple the movie was based on. It took place here in Memphis but the filming of the movie was done in Georgia.
So if your plans call for movies this weekend - here are two good flicks to check out.

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