Wednesday, January 13, 2010

getting above water

It has been so crazy around the frazier household lately. Getting everyone back to their normal routines, all having colds and the coldest weather I have felt in a long long time. Last week the high has been around 15 and lows about 5 to 8. No busted water pipes (thank god) We got a dusting of snow last week and they closed school for 2 days mainly for the cold weather. It seemed that kids did not need to be at school bus stops in 5 degree weather with wind chill at -10.

Weekend before last John and Jacob went hunting for the weekend and Jacob killed his first deer. I will spare you the picture- (it's not a pretty site) but anyway he was so excited and I think Dad was just as excited. Also, Katie got her learner's permit and she has been driving me everywhere.

She is full go on the competitive volleyball. Our first tournament will be next weekend in Jonesboro, Ark. and then the following weekend will be a tournament here in Memphis. We also have trips in Feb. to Birmingham (hoover) and Huntsville, in March we have Little Rock and Indianapolis and in April we have Louisville KY and back home in Memphis. So as you can see we will have a busy couple of months.

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