Wednesday, March 3, 2010

charms of life....

For Christmas one year my very dear friend Dinah gave me the most special gift I have every received and I will cherish it for-EVER. Thought I would share with you my special bracelet.

She had each charm written out on paper with the purpose and meaning for each one.
Birthstone charm- for the year I was born(March)
Hearts- for our sisterly love and bond for one another
Suitcase- for our GIRL trips.
Florida and Seagulls- for our great trips to Florida and so I don't forget what a seagull is. (inside joke)
Cellphone- for all our phone calls to each other
Sun- for our love of sunshine and the beach
Margarita glass- our drink of choice
Four-o- for when I turned Forty- and all the things she did to me on my b'day.
Camera- for my love of taking pictures
Cross- for my Faith.
Pluto- for our trip to Orlando to Disney to visit her brother who worked there as PLUTO.

Hope you enjoyed my charms as much as I have over the years!

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Colby said...

I just LOVE your charm bracelet. I can't wait until I have my pandora filled up one of these days. Looks like I'll be working on it for quite a while.