Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Volleyball Tournament

We got out schedule of our competitive league and looks like we are going to be
traveling alot. Here is where all we will be playing
Jan. 17-18 we will be here in Memphis
Jan. 31-Feb.1 we will also be in Memphis
these are the only 2 local tournaments we will have
Feb. 14-18 Birmingham Alabama
Feb. 28-Mar 1- Huntsville Alabama
Mar. 7-8 - Little Rock Arkansas
Mar. 21-22 Nashville, Tennessee
April 3-5 Atlanta, Georgia
April 25-26 Jonesboro, Arkansas
I will be ready for a vacation by the end of April.


Colby said...

Volleyball Tournament/Cupcake Tour....here you come! I might just pack myself in your suitcase!

The Schaefer Family said...

Thanks for letting us know your blog site. Visit ours sometime: www.schaeferfamilytidbits.blogspot.com

Also, I notice Lindsay Bucy is following your blog. Is this the Lindsay Bucy from Covington that is a farrier? Just curious. We have a horse and he is our farrier.

Have a Merry Chritmas!