Sunday, January 11, 2009

Katie's Room Makeover

Katie and I re-decorated her room this last year
Here is the results. She being a teenager wanted
the lime green walls so that is what we started with.
It turned out to look really good once all the furniture
and stuff was back in the room.
I made the fabric squares from 12 x 12 cork square that
I got at Walmart and several different pieces of material
from Hancock, Hobby Lobby. Then I cut the material a
little bit larger from the squares and stapled the fabric
on the cork. They turn out really cute.


Colby said...
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Colby said...

The room turned out so well! So, now Jacob's next on the list, right? And...speaking of rooms, I made SO MUCH progress on the SB studio this weekend. Bet with one more weekend, I will have it top notch...maybe not as cute as AmberAlicia's, but's my own room! And then if I can remember how to scrap, I'll be in business. get ready to come over and crop!! I have plenty of room for two! Oh, and guess who else has the live feed tracker? Uh, guessed it!