Sunday, January 18, 2009


Spotted this shoe at DSW this weekend and I have to tell you it was a must have.
And it was on SALE! the best part.

We had our first volleyball tournament this weekend in Memphis. We won all our games Saturday. Todays games were divided in Silver and Gold brackets. WE were in the Gold and we lost our last game to Arkansas Juniors so we got 2nd place in Gold. We sure wanted to win the whole thing but coming in 2nd was great! They played so good. Our next one is Jan. 31st weekend and it too will be in Memphis.

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Colby said...

Went shopping today and picked up some stuff to fill the tops of our kitchen cabinets. It's coming together SLOWLY!

Congrats Katie on 2nd place...awesome!

Now back to enjoying Sunday night, knowing we'll be off tomorrow...sweet!