Wednesday, April 15, 2009


is this a real word?......
I have been so slack this last week on blogging. My Mom and Dad were here last week from Georgia and I was busy enjoying them and her meals for me when I got home from work everyday- and I might mention my familys clothes washed and ironed everyday for me and also might mention a clean house everyday when I got home. Can you say HEAVEN! :)
We had a good Easter- The weather has been so rainy and cool. Where the heck is SPRING!

Here are a few scrapbook pages I did not too long ago. These are for my 2005 book! and yes it is now 2009 ..... just a little behind :)

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The Schaefer Family said...

Your scrapbooking looks great! I don't think I did one single page once I bought the supplies :-)

I'm ok with the job thing...a lot better than Greg is, I think! LOL! I am planning on taking the summer off for sure and we'll go from there. Depends on how expensive the extra-curricular activities get.

Gymnastics was very expensive and it sounds like Pom will be about the same - maybe even more since they travel some by airline. At least to Nationals by plane. Plus, they have about 4 different practice outfits in addition to their uniforms. But Kelly is really excited at the moment. We'll see how excited she is when she has to go to ALL the practices and they aren't so new anymore AND they have practice 5 days a week close to competitions (in addition to 6th grade homework)!! You know how it is!