Sunday, April 26, 2009

{weekend recap}

This was our last volleyball tournament and I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. We had our last tournament in Jonesboro Arkansas at the Arkansas State University campus. We lost, but that is a good thing for me anyway, if we would have one, that would have meant a trip to Miami Florida--- that I didn't really want.
We have been non-stop since December with practice 2 nights a week and every Saturday along with tournaments and I needed a much deserved break-.

Katie tryed out for High School Junior Varsity/ and or Varsity volleyball last week and she MADE it! She doesn't know yet if she will be on Varsity or the JV until the end of the summer- Which they will praceice and weight train all summer- (yuck)
She was very excited.

After our tournament Saturday, Katie and I got home in time to attend the Annual Memphis LSU Alumni crawfish boil that John and Jacob were already attending Yum- they were sooooo good!


The Schaefer Family said...

Congratulations to Katie for making the team! I know she is excited and ya'll are proud! What a boring life we would lead without them.

OBLadyBug said...

Congratulations Katie! Yummy the food looks great.