Thursday, July 30, 2009


today my friend Colby and I decided that we would go out to lunch today to one of our favorite place we love to go

we went to Muddy's Bake Shop for a simple box lunch

as you can see we ate one before we left the shop. we did order us a simply sandwich with chips and these boxes well- we could not resist! we LOVE cupcakes!!!

About 5 this afternoon we had another tornado in olive branch. This time it actually hit my neighborhood. The houses in the front part of our subdivision had severe damage and trees down everywhere. We were very lucky, the only thing we had at our house was a missing shutter on a window upstairs and I found it down the street.

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Colby said...

We should DEFINITELY do Muddy's MORE often! The cupcakes were as delish as always!

So glad y'all didn't have any storm damage!