Friday, February 13, 2009

{Happy Valentines Day}

What's Valentines Day without a cupcake!

I am so not a fan of Valentines Day. Its just not my thing.
But I will wish my family and friends a "Happy Valentines Day"
Congrats to my neighbor/friend Nancy on getting her engagement ring
from Vinny. You two are sooo happy! and I am happy for you.

I am off work today to get ready for our Birmingham trip and
going to Jacob's Valentine party at school.
Wish us luck on the tournament- Will update you on Sunday night~
Have a good one..............

1 comment:

Colby said...

You're right...What is Valentines without a cupcake? (or two, or...) LOL. Good luck with the tourny this weekend. Rock those socks, Katie Bug! Can't wait to get your call tomorrow with your taste test results! :)