Monday, February 16, 2009

{weekend tournament results}

We had a great time in Birmingham this weekend. The weather was awesome and we finsihed up our tournament in 2nd place in our division. The 14's played
there games at a high school in Hoover, Alabama called Spain Park High School and it
was the most amazing high school I have ever seen. It was 3 stories, huge with 2 gyms. The cafeteria had a food bar with all types of food and slush machines and
there were plasma tv's on the wall in the lunch room. Don't know about you but
were I went to high school it sure wasn't anything like that!
We also drove by Hoover High. If any of you have teenage children they have heard
of Hoover High. There was a reality show on MTV about Hoover High's football team.
Of course, Katie had to have her picture taken by the sign.

Also while in Birmingham I got to have lunch with a family friend and her husband that I have not seen in years. John and I enjoyed that so much and hope we can get
together with them again in the future.

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