Sunday, March 1, 2009

{back to alabama}

.......this time Huntsville. We left Saturday morning for the
NASA tournament. And I can tell you that I had one very dissappointed
little 8 year old boy. Here we are in Huntsville and we get phone
calls that it is snowing back home in Memphis and he is stuck in
Alabama. Parts of the area got at least 1 foot and we missed it.
It was almost all gone by the time we got home this afternoon around
5:45. We did wake up this morning and it was snowing in Huntsville but
it just covered the grass, not close to what we had at our house. And
we missed it!
Our Memphis Juniors team didn't do so well at the tournament. We probably
came in 5th in the gold bracket. They still had at least 4 more games left
to pay when we finished.
John and Jacob wanted to eat dinner last night at HOOTERS. So we
went to HOOTERS last night after the game. It was Jacob's first time
and I think he became an instant fan. Wonder why....................

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Marie said...

Why didn't we look like that in high school??????