Saturday, March 14, 2009

{new design}

So I guess you can see I have new blog background change.
I won it!!!
Can you believe- I NEVER win anything. I was on a blog that I enjoy looking at My Sweet Savannah and she had a new blog background designed by L. Miller designs. I went on to her blog and she had a giveaway for a free blog design. I signed up and WON....
Lindsey did a wonderful job on my blog. Thanks- I love it!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. It is cloudy, cold and rainy here.


The Schaefer Family said...

Well, I am very impressed! It is a wonderful design! Now that you are on facebook and blogger which do you spend more time on?

Marie said...

I'm proud of you! I never win anything either, so I like hanging with friends that are lucky - you know - that vicarious thrill.

Can't wait until you get to Atlanta. Talked to Sheila - still trying to get Susan's schedule. That's the start of spring break for us (but we're not doing anything anyway) but the other's might have plans. Any other Facebook people we should try to hook up with? If you have some free time Saturday or Sunday afternoon, hopefully the weather will be great and we can get a party going.

Do you know where you're staying yet or what part of town you'll be in? Let me know - that might influence our outing for drive time.

Colby said...

Love the new design!!